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The Top 10 Benefits of going solar

Many people wonder about the benefits of going solar. There so many benefits of going solar but we will focus on the main ones. 

1. Reduce or eliminate the impact of power cuts

If you are already on the national electricity grid over the last couple of years load shedding has gotten worse and reduced your access to electricity. Because load shedding works in a way that seeks to reduce electricity usage at peak times in your local area. You get affected when you need electricity the most. This is one of the main reasons why installing solar can be quite beneficial. Solar allows you to access electricity throughout the day. You can also store the electricity you generate during the day for use during the night.

2. Cut on your energy costs by reducing or eliminating electricity bills 

Zesa bills have been increasing regularly in recent months as a result of tariff increases to keep pace with the cost of generating electricity. This will never stop. Electricity tariffs will always be adjusted upwards meaning that if you are not on solar you will always have to fork out more money to buy the same units of electricity. Once you have installed solar, the cost of generating power through your solar system becomes fixed for the life of the system, usually 25 years for the panels alone. By installing a solar system, you fix your electricity costs and make them fixed. You no longer have to worry about someone raising your cost of electricity as long as the sun is shining your system will continue to produce the same amount of electricity over many years to come. So even when you retire and don't have money to pay for electricity, your system will continue to generate power for you. 

3. Solar panels generate income for you 

Many people think solar is expensive and forget that once you install a system, it means you reduce the outflows of money going out to pay ZESA for your electricity bills. With solar you don't have to see an outflow of money. In fact with the net-metering regulations in Zimbabwe you can connect your  system to the national grid and sell power to the national grid and get energy credits allowing you to use it at times when your system.  Installing solar panels is a good investment that can directly generate income for you through direct savings or earnings through sale of power to the national grid.

4 . Save the environment 

5. Be more productive

6. Create jobs and develop the economy 

7. Increase your property value 

8. Develop the Zimbabwe energy sector 



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