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We offer professional services for your Solar PV system. To get the best out of your system it is critical that your system be serviced from time to time. If service is needed, we provide you with quick and competent support and ensure that your system continues to give you the best.

Winter and solar

Cloud cover is the enemy of solar energy. Whenever there is cloud cover your solar system produces less energy compared to a clear day. This consideration is particularly important when sizing your solar panels.  You should aim to have more solar panels than you need. This known as oversizing your solar array. That way you will always produce enough power to use in your him

Zimbabwe is a good country for solar power generation throughout the year, averaging some 6.5 sun hours. Winters tend to be  very cold, and many days are often accompanied by cloud cover. Its important to know that on cloudy days you will produce less power and therefore you must plan accordingly to ensure that you don't run out of power.

A good system will balance solar power with utility power. The fewer solar panels you have the less energy you will generate and in winter this becomes more apparent. 

Solarpro can help you design a system that will work well even in winter. Get in touch with us today by contacting us via our WhatsApp number +263718924393 or 


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