Solarpro Services

We offer professional services for your Solar PV system. To get the best out of your system it is critical that your system be serviced from time to time. If service is needed, we provide you with quick and competent support and ensure that your system continues to give you the best.

Learn more about your inverter before buying it

Must this Must that, Phocos this Phocos that Hybrid this Offgrid that! There are many inverters on the Zimbabwean Market today. Some are genuine some are are generics or fakes for want of a better word. How to tell them apart is very difficult but it all boils down to this. If its too cheap its probably generic or stolen. 

We have put together this guide to help you tell them apart or at least avoid being gulliable. The solar market place has become so competitive so much that suppliers maybe tempted to omit a fact or two when selling you a solar inverter. The bigggest ommision that normally costs you in the long term is whether your inverter comes with a PWM or MPPT charge controller or not. This is often the reason why the inverter is cheap. 

PWM controllers are way cheaper than MPPT controllers. A PWM is not designe to charge lithium batteries for instance. This means in the future you will not be able to add lithium batteries to your system unless you go for a standa alone MPPT charge controller.