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We offer professional services for your Solar PV system. To get the best out of your system it is critical that your system be serviced from time to time. If service is needed, we provide you with quick and competent support and ensure that your system continues to give you the best.

Why does solar not work for you?

In our interactions with potential solar clients we come accross many comments such as "Solar doesnt work", "Gel batteries are useless" or "I bought my system last year and it stopped working after only 3 months". The problem starts with how you buy your system. A needs analysis is important before you decide which system to get. Before you buy solar be realistic about what solar can or can not do. Dont assume solar is an unlimited power source because its not. This is why professional design is required to ensure that your system is properly sized to do what you want it to do.


SolarproZim (@SolarproZim) | TwitterWhen getting a solar system many people want to spend as little as possible but want the system to run as many of their applicances as possible. Infact many people expect the system to run everything. Its not that simple because a solar system is made up of many components that are interconnected. How your system performs is dependent on how it was put together by your installer.  Herein lies the problem, a number of people will start by choosing the cheapest equipment  or in some cases very small solar systems  and then expect these to perform. Most solar users make this big mistake. Others get duped and get led down the garden path and are told that there solar panels that work even when there is no sun. Read about the types of solar panels here.  You cannot buy an underisized solar system  and expect it to create power from nothing. More importantly if you dont draw power from your panels power goes to waste. 

Solar panels collect energy from the sun and your inverter converts it to usable AC power to run your appliances during the day, while storing additional DC power into your batteries for later use. So you see already the problem lies in the fact that you are getting solar energy from the sun which can be covered by clouds affecting its intensity and therefore your ability to generate enough power to use and store in your batteries.

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Equipment comes in different sizes and has different efficiency levels. If you dont research you lose. Before buying do your reasearch, in the same way you research about your car before buying it.

Batteries become an important part of your solar system, especially in Zimbabwe because of erratic grid supply. Even more important is your inverter and how it has been setup. Most inverters these days come with the capabilities to automatically switch between battery and panels or even grid power saving you money in the process. Read our article on solar power inverters to learn more about which one to choose. 

You need a professional installer to program your inverter to run effeciently. Its no use buying many panels and not using them fully. At Solarpro Zimbabwe  we are available to review your inverter setup and optimise it for you. Contact us here

Our advice to you is when buying solar let the professionals advise you fully and avoid buying solar on a budget and expecting the system to last for a long time. Some unscrouplous  installers will always recommend what you can afford, compromising on quality and lifespan. Batteries get overworked on undersized systems or overcharged on oversized systems costing you more money. 

When getting solar always ask for sizing report and please shop around. Check how long your installer has been in business and how transparent they are about  your purchase plan. If you want to find installers and equipment suppliers you can always join our Facebook Group

We hope you will get to enjoy your solar system and are available to guide you on your journey.