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We offer professional services for your Solar PV system. To get the best out of your system it is critical that your system be serviced from time to time. If service is needed, we provide you with quick and competent support and ensure that your system continues to give you the best.

Why you should not delay going solar today

Utility power is unreliable and expensive. It now costs you USD13.5 per kwh power to buy electricity from less than USD10cents at the start of 2022. At this rate electricity rates will touch USD15.50 cents by the end of the year. Those who have gone solar will avoid these costs while those who are still relying on ZESA power will have to meet these costs. 

Solar allows you to get free energy from the sun. To get the most out of solar you must engage a professional service provider who will size and install your system and use equipment that will maximize self-usage of the power produced by your inverter. 

Knowing which equipment to use and how to configure it is not something every installer will be able to do. Stick to tried and tested installers. Prices of solar equipment are coming down and its important for you to shop around but be worry of equipment that comes too cheap or has short warranties. Read this to learn more about how to buy solar 

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